Pay easily with your mobile in Kungsbacka

ePARK is a mobile app for paying your parking fee. In all municipal parking, you pay your parking quickly, easily and securely directly on the mobile. No extra fees or subscription costs will be added.


Now you can buy your monthly ticket or accommodation parking directly in our app. You can also move the ticket to another registration number if you change car. Read more about conditions and where you can park with these. here:

Long-term parking

In the app you can also buy parking tickets that last longer than 24 hours. In the following zones, in addition to regular short-term parking, you can also buy tickets for longer (long-term):

  • Travel center Syd (green 07) you can buy 1-7 days
  • The center (blue 01)
  • Accommodation card (30 days), special conditions apply
  • Monthly ticket (30 days)

Parking information

You can read more information and conditions regarding parking rules on Kungsbacka Kommuns Website.

Short-term parking

  1. Choose parking zone
  2. Select time for parking, then click ”Continue to payment”
  3. Enter e-mail, PIN, select debit card and then click ”Pay”

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