Pay easily with your mobile in Skellefteå

ePARK is a mobile app for paying your parking fee. In all municipal parking, you pay your parking quickly, easily and securely directly on the mobile. No extra fees or subscription costs will be added.


P-passet is a digital parking permit that individuals can purchase for cheap and convenient parking for an entire year. If your parking time exceeds the P-pass (2 hours / day), your parking will automatically tick at the regular rate. So you don’t have to worry about forgetting to fill up the parking lot.

Read more at Skellefteå Kommuns website.


Important information! Skellefteå municipality has decided that the digital P-pass will disappear from on 2018-06-30. This means that the P-pass will no longer be available for purchase in the ePARK app after that date. P-passes purchased prior to 2018-06-30 are valid as usual for one year even though they can no longer be purchased in the app.

Parking information

You can read more information and conditions regarding parking rules at Skellefteå Kommuns website.

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