Pay easily with your mobile in Boden


In Boden, there is free parking on most municipal parking areas and is regulated in time during the days with the help of parking disc. ePARK is a mobile app for paying your parking fee. The app can be used as a digital p-disc on municipal street land (check in the app’s map to see which car parks you can use the app on). To use the p-disc, you do not need to attach a debit card.

In the parking garage Cedern there is a fee and it includes engine heaters.

Digital permits

For Landstingsfastigheter parking at Garnis, visitors and tenants to the property can purchase digital engine heater certificate per day. The tenants of the property can also buy these permits seasonally.

Parking information

More information about where and how to park in Boden can be found on Bodens Kommuns website.

Garnis Motor Heater Certificate Season

  1. Go into the menu in the upper left and select ”Store”
  2. Select P-condition ”NLL MV-Proof Garnis …” and click on ”Buy Now”
  3. Enter email address, PIN, select debit card and click ”Pay”
  4. Fill in the registration number the parking card should apply to, then click on the ”Activate” button

Short-term parking
– P-house Cedern

  1. Choose zone ”P-hus Cedern…”
  2. Choose time, then click ”Continue to payment”
  3. Enter your e-mail, pincode, choose debit card and click ”Pay”

Garnis Engine heater proof 24 hour ticket

  1. Choose zone ”Garnis Personal Mv…”
  2. Click ”Continue to payment”
  3. Enter e-mail, pincode, select debit card and click ”Pay”

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