ePARK tips – Get started with our service

Ticket Purchase

You start by entering the registration number for which the ticket is to be valid.  After that, it is time to select city and parking zone. It can be done in two ways, ”Select in list” or ”Select on map”.

Check-in vs Fixed-time Tickets

One way is to choose how long you want to be parked, we call it ”fixed time”.

The other way is to ”check in”. For fixed-time tickets you choose how many hours and minutes you should be parked and pay the fee for that time. For check-in tickets you click on ”check in” to start parking and click on ”check out” when you are finished. Then you pay for the exact time you have parked.

These two choices are made by switching between two tabs, after selecting the parking zone.

Long-term Tickets

In some parking zones you can buy tickets for longer periods, usually 1-7 days or up to a month. To purchase these tickets, select the ”Fixed Time” tab and then the ”Long Time” button. These tickets are valid for the selected registration number. These tickets can’t be moved between different cars.

Parking Permits

Sometimes there are tickets that are a parking permit. They may be available for specific parking areas or zones. Check out what services we offer in your city. A parking permit is purchased in the store which is in the menu at the top left. The parking permit can be moved between cars by being deactivated and activated.

See Active and Finished Parking

In the menu at the top left under ”History / Receipts” you can see active, unpaid and all your finished tickets. You can also download a receipt as a PDF by clicking on the ”Send receipt” button. Click on the button ”Monthly summary” to download a PDF with a summary of one month’s parking. This feature is completely free of charge!


My Account

Click on the top left menu and select ”My Account”. Here you manage contact information, language, country, max parking time and card details. If you need to change your email address, please contact us at support@epark.se.

Card details: When you have received a new payment card, the card details need to be updated, otherwise payment of tickets will not work. Phone number: Please fill in your telephone number for contacting you. It will also be used to charge SMS parking to your account. Max time for check in: Here you change the default maximum time to apply when using ”Check-in”. This time can be changed temporarily at each ticket purchase or while ticket is active. Country / Language: We are available in several countries and the app supports several languages.

Card Registration

In the menu at the top left you will find ”Card Registration”. Here you fill in your card details if you did not complete your registration before the first ticket purchase. If you have unpaid tickets, these are charged from your payment card automatically. You use your PIN code to confirm future ticket purchases in the app. All card transactions are secured by our payment provider DIBS Payment Services.

Tell a Friend

Tell your friends about us and get extra parking credits by our payment provider. When the friends that you have invited have registered and bought their first ticket in the app, you and your friend both get SEK 25 in parking credits.

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